Mosey/ Borkowsky…The First Outing…

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Mosey/ Borkowsky, who shun the traditional ampersand in standard double act usage in favour of the more modern slash, will be making their first outing! I say their, I’m one of them.

‘Our’ first gig will be October 30th at Spencer Sports and Social Club, Albany Road, Earlsdon, Coventry at 7:30pm, the event is a Tourettes Action charity night.

My comedy writing tends to be quite a departure from my theatre writing, the obvious difference being that so far I have co-written comedy, and it’s also always been sketch based ( I enjoy the freedom of the the two minute throw away concept, since the rest of my writing is far less of a throw away nature!).

We’re doing a short set- a toned down version of our usual writing- so we have had to pour through the very black collection of sketches we have put together over the past few months and come up with something ‘family friendly’! Balls! That didn’t leave a lot!

It’s going to be a learning curve for us, as so far we have only really written together, we like each others writing, this will be the bit where we find out if we gel as performers(I’m sure we will!). Watch this space…




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