Last Saturdays Short Outing

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Last Saturday, myself and Mister Micheal Borkowsky performed together for the first time. It was good to get on stage to see how we could work together- it was definitely a very worthwhile experience. The event was for Tourettes Action (why does my spell checker not recognize the word ‘Tourettes’ ?) and in honesty we were only back ground entertainment while members of the Tourettes Action group socialized….also the acoustics in the room weren’t the best- so we needed to project…. and we needed energy!

Things happened that didn’t happen in rehearsal and that weren’t in the script! Mid sketch, to great amusement, Michael ate a raw parsnip which was being used as a prop. He then proceeded in delivering the rest of his lines with a mouthful of veg! The stage was plastered in bits of food by the end. It was the best fun I’ve had on stage- and it’s got me wanting some more unpredictable, anarchic stuff (and maybe improvising more!)

All in all it was good. So, that was a three sketch outing. By January/ February we aim to have a half hour show ready to perform and test on audiences. Watch this space

After we did our bit though, I confess that we were blown off stage by the next act. A young lad performing an excerpt from Kes! He had tourettes, and I was half expecting him to tic throughout the excerpt based on how he seemed before starting (maybe I shouldn’t assume!). Once he began, I don’t think I have ever seen a more focused actor- and he was extremely talented! As a performer – he put me in my place! I hope to NEVER see him on anything like Britain’s Got Talent! He was faaaar to good for that!


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