New Years Resolution

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I am not one for resolutions, and I’m not at all one for keeping them either for I am fickle!

But for twenty eleven (sounds so wrong, when did it stop being two thousand and….?) I will start with a few resolution…lets see how many I keep by lunch time of the 3rd of January shall we?

1. Find a set time to write, and write more!

2. Lose weight.

3. Find a set time to rehearse the comedy more, and try and get a full length show together and perform it by the summer (I’d love to do Edinburgh again….I may have left it too late though for this year)

4. Lose weight (This is here twice because I have got podgy,I am struggling to see my laptop over the mountain of flab I have accumulated in the last few months of excess and neglect!)

5. Read more!

Pushing me on for the first few weeks at least are the following factors-

1. An MA which is costing me plenty, making me have to write!!

2. An upcoming performance (11th Jan 2011, Chester Hangman) forces the need to rehearse as if my life depended on it (a set list of sketches is yet to be decided even!)

3. The cycle jacket which I received for Christmas- I have to play with all my Christmas presents! That should help me lose weight!!

But as I have 4 more days left until next year begins, so I plan to eat and be lazy!

Happy New Year


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