To Do List….

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Normally, in January I am really bored and have nothing to do, except sleep. Work is quiet and often I don’t have much on outside of work….work seems to be keeping me fairly busy and at the moment I have more things to do than I have time to do it in. I want some sleep!

Here is my to do list for the next few weeks…

1. Get on with my Script Analysis essay- I decided what I was going to write about and watched the film twice, taking notes….then have done nothing since.

2. Crack on with my Crowhurst play(new working title ‘The Mercy’?!!) I’ve come up with the basic outline and turning points. I have made some decisions about how I want the play to feel, and the themes I want to explore. I have also written a rough draft of the first scene. Though I am still open to new ideas. Today I nipped into the Leeds Art Gallery and looked at a few of the Northern Art Prize shortlistees pieces, and was struck by a piece by Alec Finlay called ‘Siren‘. I was already interested in the sounds of the sea, and was very interested in using radios in the play (given Crowhurst’s profession and the obsession with making his radio work to communicate)- the idea of the song of sirens might also be quite interesting in relation to the story.

3. Work on the Mosey/Borkowsky blog/website…the very empty so I need some content. Photos, videos…I’m also thinking of making a youtube channel.

4. Start applying to get a slot performing at the Edinburgh Fringe!! Might as well apply for every other comedy festival I can get us into too. Why the hell not!!

5. Write more sketches! Last night myself and Michael had a tester gig at the Chester Hangman pub, we performed four sketches; one which was performed at our first gig, two which have been written very recently and another which was written last summer. From this gig we have two strong sketches which can definitely be used in future shows (Edinburgh!!?!) the other two maybe need a bit more work. On the whole the gig was a success and we’ll be trying to put together a slightly longer show to perform in the coming months. I should try and write one sketch a day…I managed to get up to that level last summer- but seem to have got distracted by doing everything else and am now down to two or three a month…

I’m sure there were other really important things that I need to get on and do, but they seem to have escaped me!


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