Aka…The Conflicting Idea….

So, most of the way into the first draft of ‘Three Miles to the Horizon’ at the moment, not done much on it for a week or two , but I have had another idea pushed into my head (thanks Tim, it’s the biographer- he just won’t leave me alone!) now I’m torn between what I have already written….and what I could now write in its place….I guess there is only one way of deciding which way is the best way….and that’s writing it both ways….and then letting them fight it out Harry Hill style…

Coming soon….an alternative first draft…watch this space.


One thought on “Dilemma

  1. UPDATE: spent two days being indecisive, restarted writing the whole thing twice from different angles, then went back to the original draft and began chopping chunks left right and centre. Much happier now. Well, at the moment at least!


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