Congratulations! Your domain has been renewed for another year!

Congratulations! Your domain has been renewed for another year!

I guess forking out to keep my own domain name active means that I should do something with this site; use it more, keep it nice and clean for when visitors come around, and more importantly, be more proactive with my writing and trying to turn it into one of those ‘careers’ that people go on about. 

I turned 34 recently. I am not sure how that happened. I am not sure how I even let it happen, but alas, while I wasn’t paying attention, happen it did. It happened and now I have to live with it. Quite a lot has changed in my life in the past year or so. Possibly while I was being distracted by all the life stuff, the ageing thing took advantage of the situation. Though, I can sit here and make excuses for myself all day. 

I finished my MA earlier in the year, I was quite pleased with Sky Edge, the major project I submitted. It was my first attempt at a feature film script. My first attempt at trying to write visually as oppose my usual cramming of flowery language into the mouths of my characters. I am still swinging between my preference between the two. Saying more with less or just saying more…with extra words for good effect. I like to talk lots and maybe that comes through in my writing. Often half the words I say are meaningless, but I still like to say them, or make my characters say them. They sound nice!

Anyway, since then I’ve been scratching at ideas, but nothing seems to stick. I have two rather rough ideas that I am currently trying to piece together into ‘proper plots’.

1. A film, working title, ‘Nos Da’ (Welsh for ‘Good night’) Set in the 1990’s, an outsider moves into a Welsh valley town bringing with him the perfect distraction from the current recession and gloom.

2. A play, ‘Fragment (Consider Revising)’ While a man attempts to escape from his current life, a train journey with a stranger brings him some home truths. 

I would like to start writing comedy again, and I would like to collaborate with another writer again on a project. I would also like to use this blog for things other than lists of things I have done, will do or would like to do! Hopefully the next time you read me, it’ll be one of those posts about an actual subject, not another self-deprecating list.


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