How To Survive World War III

A piece that I recently had published on Little Old Lady Comedy Take heed of these words, they may well save your life.

Little Old Lady Comedy

As Trump tries to distract us from his impending impeachment proceedings by assassinating some guy and sparking World War III, it’s time to dust off the old Anderson Shelter, don the gas mask and hold tight for six years. Here is the ultimate guide to surviving the impending world war. 

Keep Calm And Carry On
If they had cat memes in WWII, they’d have been prescribed. We all need to be placated. During the war, our placation needs will be much greater. So expect more exciting Snapchat and Instagram filters every day that allow you to see which type of fridge magnet or snow globe you are.

You’ll be treated to more binge-worthy Netflix series than you ever knew existed. The most exciting news will be that Friends will get a reboot. Basically, as part of the war effort, TV makers will keep us firmly sitting comfortably distracted from all…

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  1. A.S. says:

    Peter, this was insanely sarcastic and hilarious as hell! But with very valid points to ponder.

    Liked by 1 person

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