Writing Collaboration #17- Fake Plastic Trees

This writing collaboration with Chaotic Blonde has come about through a slightly different process than some of the others. As you’ll see from her poetry, she often references the music she is listening to at the end of her posts! Taking both of our musical influences into account, we decided that we would both right companion pieces using Radiohead’s – Fake Plastic Trees as a jumping off point. The order of the pieces are: mine, then Chaotic Blonde’s.

Square pegs worn down

cardboard cutouts painted up

I can be who you want me to be

Because it’s who I am

Give myself ’til there’s nothing left

Daily rehearsal makes it right

I am who the credits claim is me 

Because it’s what you see

Fitting suffocating squeezed in

Wishing I could reach out

You can be who I need to be me

Because it’s who you are

Fake it ‘til we make it wrong

Wearing faces that fit right

We can be who the world sees us as

Because its who we are.

The final act never looking back

Never inward only forward

We’ve forgotten all of who we were 

From this photocopy of our lives

Radiohead- Fake Plastic Trees

sweet cellophane love

in all its holy saturation 

I’ll be whoever you want me to be

because it’s all I am

sitting pretty in your credits

splayed across the title cards

like I’ve never seen a summer

with my own eyes

(and yeah, suppose I’ve been under

down, drowned

but I’m living in a frame 

you need me to be)

deep breath, hard smile

accordion jaws

typed in small print

my face, your favourite face

how can I glance back?

our scene is set

the only time we have left

set up, aching

(can’t help ourselves)

we stare ahead.


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