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A Welsh writer with a big bushy beard walked into a bar; drowned in eau de cliché. A waistcoat wearing, cat loving, ukulele playing, roller derby refereeing-vegan; with a degree in Drama, and a masters in Scriptwriting. It is safe to say that I have more hipster tropes than a vintage junk shop.

I am a freelance copywriter, providing ghostwriting, blog and website content. I write in a variety in of niches, including retail, business, mental health, and entertainment. I am available to hire, please get in touch!

On this site you may find an eclectic mix of creative writing and blog posts. I write scripts for stage and screen, I love to write black comedy and drama. Recently, I have also turned my hand to short stories, flash fiction, and even a bit of poetry. Check out some of these in my latest blog posts.

I live in Llanelli, on the south west coast of Wales with my wife; Chrissie, dog; Pablo, and our two cats; Khaleesi and Maude. I am currently learning to speak Welsh.

Please follow, share, comment and like! I am very friendly and love to chat with anyone and everyone; so get in touch!

(photo: Assassynation)

The Very Latest From My Blog…

  • ATTENTION FELLOW WRITERS!! Take Part In My Great Writing Collaboration Challenge!!

    October 11, 2019 by

    Hello fellow writers!! I need your help for an on going project that I’d like to run from my blog…
    I’d like to start a regular Collaboration Challenge and I’d like you to be involved.

  • Writing Prompt #11

    November 13, 2019 by

    The touch of her…
    Santa woke with a panic, it was three days before Christmas and those bastard elves had shaved his beard off in his sleep.

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