Flashback Friday #6- The Bookshop

Around 18 months ago, I started writing about this character, but I never actually found out his name. He ran a bookshop that he had inherited. He is probably autistic, and has tenancies toward being a savant.

Brave New World Revisited

‘Fifty percent of all books have more words than Brave New World and fifty percent have less. It is a very good book’

Speed Reading

The world record for most words read per minute was set by Stephen Berg and stands at twenty-five thousand words per minute.

The Gutenberg Printing Press

There have been over one hundred and thirty million books published in modern history. Every year that number grows by an average of two and a half million.

Brave New World

‘The shortest story is six words. Largely attributed to Ernest Hemingway. The longest is Artemene by Georges De Scudery. It’s One million nine hundred and fifty four thousand three hundred words’

The King James Bible

The King James bible has seven hundred and sixty-three thousand, one hundred and thirty-seven words. Between March the fourth two thousand and two and March the fifth two thousand and two, I read for forty one hours and twenty three minutes. No sleep. No food. I used the toilet twice.

Word Count

There is no Dewy Decimal system here. These books are not sorted by genre or author. They are not arranged by colour or size. I would never sort anything by date of publication, or date of anything else for that matter.