Flashback Friday#1- Three Miles To The Horizon

I, the cosmic mind have explored the labyrinths of the sea.
I have counted and measured the waves and explored the depths.
I have counted the grains of sand on the shores of the time.
I am the quantifier of all human life.

A Long Overdue (Long) Update

I’ve just changed the theme of my page for the third or forth time in a month. A productive waste of time! Each time I have changed the theme, I have thought ‘I should write some blog’, but I never have anything to say! So, I’ll just change the theme on the blog that no…

Three Miles to the Horizon

Here is an excerpt from my current work in progress, feel free to take the time to give me any feedback you may have on this. Thanks. Three Miles to the Horizon I am three miles from the horizon. There are 140 million square miles of ocean on this planet. Salt water covers 71% of the Earth’s…