DAY 10- 30 Day Writing Challenge

Her footsteps crunching through crisp autumn leaves beat in time to the thud of her heart and the rasp of her breath. The rhythm grew pace as she corned the outer rim of the dusk soaked forest. She had left leaving too late, and now panic was in for the night.


Day 9 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

Today’s challenge comes from my wife, Chrissie, and it’s a bit different to the other prompts I’ve had…She’s asked me to write her an apology (for drunkenly keeping her awake until 6am on Sunday morning- when she needed to be up at 7:30am). If you’d like to add to my writing to-do list, I’m doing […]

DAY 7- 30 Day Writing Challenge

I have a cloudy memory but I’ve always been drowning in cotton candy words. I tried to put my finger on what I needed to say, only to end up adrift, or worse; shooting the messenger. Nothing was ever shipshape and Bristol fashion, and so often I would beat a dead horse.