Writing Collab #11 – Rewinding

As we teeter; Jenga-like totems of our former selves; reminders flood cauterised caches. Photocopies of what we were, what I was, what this was.

Writing Collab #10- Hashtag Your Best Life

No foxes in the moonlight
Just screens facing the void

Writing Prompt #8

1. Don’t open that door, there is a…
2. I’ve discovered the meaning of life, it is…
3. You do not deserve an apology.

Writing Collab #6 – They Call It Halloween

Walking down the street bones-a-rattling in the cold and musky late October air, Batty and Bones huddled close to each other as children paraded shaking buckets of sweets and howling ghostly screams.

Writing Collab #5 – The Headless Horseman

I, nightmares sad knight am no beast. I am not terror for you to scream yourself to sleep after seeing. So why then do people lose their heads in panic at the sight of me?

Writing Prompt #6

Did David definitely dance down Devon, dear?
If you don’t do this, I will…

DAY 30- 30 Day Writing Challenge

‘By George, I have it’ cried Henry as he took a mouthful of the strange meaty concoction that had been stewing for the last fourteen hours on Kevin’s stove.

DAY 30?

Where the hell is day 30?

Writing Prompt #5

“I can fix the world with one bullet, here’s how…”
You put the lime in the coconut…