Here are some excerpts from a selection of my pieces. If you would like further samples of any of my work, please get in touch.

Sky Edge – (Feature Film Drama, 2013)

Sheffield, 1923. Sky Edge is a glimmer of green hope amidst the smog of industry, a place where dreams and fortunes are made. For George Healy it is a place where luck is king but where his life could be destroyed by the toss of a coin. 

Three Miles to the Horizon – ~(Theatre Drama, 2011-)

Donald Crowhurst wanted to be the first man to sail solo, non-stop around the world. Ill-equipped, he set sail on a sea of deceit and despair on a journey  that would see him become England’s hero and then a cosmic deity. 

Tom and Laura Get Engaged (Short Film, Drama, 2011)

It is a perfect day for Tom and Laura, a romantic picnic on the beach proves a great opportunity for Tom to pop the question. Laura is bound to say ‘yes!’. Though, the contents of a seemingly innocent black bin bag proves to be the greatest test of their relationship.

Pied (Theatre Drama, 2010)

Told from three perspectives, Pied is an imaginative retelling of the Pied Piper story. It explores paranoia and how history is purposefully misrepresented. 

Al and Ned’s Balding Fringe (Theatre Comedy, 2009)

Welsh comedians Al and Ned were friends since birth. Their variety show features sketches, songs and banter. During the show, cracks emerge in their ‘perfect’ partnership, which collapses into a chaotic and destructive inevitability

Ddu a Gwyn (Theatre Drama, 2004)

Dealing with issues of Welsh Identity, Ddu a Gwyn (Black and White) is a modern retelling of the traditional Welsh story of tragic, unrequited love, ‘The Maid of Cefn Ydfa’ set against a backdrop of the desolate scarred valley; where hope is as absent as job prospects. 

Other works include:

Chasing the Lady (Theatre Drama, 2003)

An imprisoned conscientious objector yearns to return to his wife as she suffers at the hands of the Spanish Flu at home.


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