Writing Collab #8- The Last Stop

They’re all one in seven billion.

Writing Prompt #8

1. Don’t open that door, there is a…
2. I’ve discovered the meaning of life, it is…
3. You do not deserve an apology.

Now That’s What I Call Politics! A 2019 Election Mixtape

For those suffering from the electoral blues and those who want to eradicate a different kind of blue from the houses of parliament, here is the definitive UK election playlist to warm the hearts of those who are bored to tears by the whole millennia-spanning saga.

Writing Collab #6 – They Call It Halloween

Walking down the street bones-a-rattling in the cold and musky late October air, Batty and Bones huddled close to each other as children paraded shaking buckets of sweets and howling ghostly screams.

Writing Collab #5 – The Headless Horseman

I, nightmares sad knight am no beast. I am not terror for you to scream yourself to sleep after seeing. So why then do people lose their heads in panic at the sight of me?

Writing Prompt #7

I watched the dawning of creation, and frankly it was…
I can remember everything in the most precise details. But I can’t remember what she looked like.

The 30 Day Writing Challenge- A Review

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So, it took more than 30 days as some days were missed, but I managed 30 days and had some lovely feedback from many of the entries. Thank you to everyone who liked, commented, or even shared any of my pieces. If you missed any, go check them all out…