DAY 22- 30 Day Writing Challenge

The sky was luminous as we hot-footed into the park. I held your hand carefree, unhooking the dog from his reins. He ran. Enthusiastically skipping childlike from bush to bow to bark. These moments are ours to


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DAY 20 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

But you are like a bolt out of the blue. The sparkle on the edge of a star. Everything has meaning and everything is full. Not just half full. No short measured optimism. The glass is full.

DAY 18- 30 Day Writing Challenge

For today’s challenge, Paddy The Poet asked me to write about ‘Integrity’ – I’d love to claim credit for these beautiful words, however, here is my attempt at a found poem. I need your help! I have another 12 days left to go on this challenge. Please comment with any suggestions that you have for challenges…

30 Day Writing Challenge

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I’d like to start on a 30 day writing challenge. Each day, I’ll submit one post on here based on the criteria set out for the day. But before I start, I need YOUR help! I’d like it if anyone reading, or following this blog could throw me a…