I am a Welsh born scriptwriter. I write black comedies and tragedies for stage and screen.

I am available for commission and am interested in collaborating with other writers, producers, directors and other creative types.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my site, if you have any feedback about my writing, the blog, the site in general, or you just want to network or chat about writing in general, get in touch.  I can be found on facebook, twitter or can be contacted at contact@peterwynmosey.com

Reviews of previous work…

Al and Ned's Balding Fringe at the Edinburgh Fringe 2009

Al and Ned’s Balding Fringe (2009) 

” Al and Ned display astounding amounts of exuberance and enthusiasm that shine throughout”

“overall Al and Ned have produced an intriguing and amusing performance.”

(Buxton Fringe Review

“energetically performed and avoiding cliché.”

“a good show, and you’re unlikely to be able to keep a straight face”

The Skinny