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Peter Wyn Mosey

Peter Wyn Mosey is a Llanelli writer & creative, job aide, and arts & well-being facilitator.

Writer ↗

I am a freelance writer who provides professional content writing services and creates scripts, poetry, fiction, and more.

Job Aide ↗

I provide virtual assistant and job aide support services for neurodiverse clients receiving Access To Work funding.

Arts and Wellbeing ↗

Creativity can boost mental wellbeing. I draw on lived experience and creativity to help others achieve better health through writing.

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About Peter Wyn Mosey

I am a writer, job aide, and creative facilitator from South Wales. I have a first-class Theatre and Media Drama degree and an MA in Scriptwriting.

As a freelancer, I wear many hats. I write content for various businesses, provide virtual support for neurodiverse clients and am a creative wellbeing practitioner.

My own lived experiences of mental health problems give me the passion to help others find their voice and improve their well-being through creativity.

I am a Wales Arts Health and Well-being Network Stepping In mentee.

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