Automatic Writing #1

I reckon and beckon eternal feet for the foraging forensic firesides fanning the flames of several large giblets of fore.

The Sun

A found poem – any words and opinions are certainly not my own- they are in fact the views of the fine and upstanding readers of The Sun newspaper in the UK in response to the existence of Jeremy Corbyn The reason most ppl voted to leave the eu is because we became flooded with…

I’m A Celebrity, Get Me…

F#ck I’m A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here
F#ck Strictly Come Dancing
F#ck X Factor
F#ck the UK General Election***


I have redacted
the faces
and the names

Writing Prompt #12

This was literally the worst thing that ever happened to me…

Your eyes.

Writing Prompt #11

The touch of her…
Santa woke with a panic, it was three days before Christmas and those bastard elves had shaved his beard off in his sleep.