Writing Prompt #10

I am a funk addict. Let me tell you about my dealer…

This is not a confession

I’ve Been Nominated For A Sunshine Blogger Award

I am very honoured that I have been nominated for a sunshine blogger award!

Now That’s What I Call Politics! A 2019 Election Mixtape

For those suffering from the electoral blues and those who want to eradicate a different kind of blue from the houses of parliament, here is the definitive UK election playlist to warm the hearts of those who are bored to tears by the whole millennia-spanning saga.

The 30 Day Writing Challenge- A Review

Follow my blog with Bloglovin So, it took more than 30 days as some days were missed, but I managed 30 days and had some lovely feedback from many of the entries. Thank you to everyone who liked, commented, or even shared any of my pieces. If you missed any, go check them all out…

DAY 25 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

The warning bell sounds. The last day for humankind on earth is finally here. And as the alarming scream of a dying planet intensifies, smothering the groans of those who would greedily scoff in the face of reason; no lessons will ever be learnt. If we had the chance we’d do it all again.

Liebster Award 2019 Nomination

So, the other day I was nominated for the 2019 Liebster award. I’d never actually heard of that award before, but I still felt honoured. I’ve only started embracing blogging recently even though I’ve had this site for years. So I was stunned that weirdchickchronicles would pick me, especially since she’s got such a popular…

Preparing For Your Holiday: Top Tips Before You Travel

Image Credit  Holidays can be some of the most exciting times, but they can be the most stressful too. You will probably have been looking forward to getting away all year, and you don’t want one small mistake to ruin everything.  With holidays being such a significant expense, we want to get the most enjoyment…