Now That’s What I Call Politics! A 2019 Election Mixtape

For those suffering from the electoral blues and those who want to eradicate a different kind of blue from the houses of parliament, here is the definitive UK election playlist to warm the hearts of those who are bored to tears by the whole millennia-spanning saga.

5 Simple Writing Rules To Follow Or Break

Write fast. Make mistakes. Spell your words however they come out

Switching To Green: Ways You Can Help Buck The Climate Change Trend

You cannot turn on the news without hearing about climate change. And, as the mercury rises in the thermometers this summer; new records have been set. Climate change deniers claim that there have always been trends of peaks and troughs when it comes to extremes of temperature. However, it is becoming abundantly clear that we are rapidly hurtling towards a situation where we will see the results of dramatic environmental damage occurring within our lifetime.

Preparing For Your Holiday: Top Tips Before You Travel

Image Credit  Holidays can be some of the most exciting times, but they can be the most stressful too. You will probably have been looking forward to getting away all year, and you don’t want one small mistake to ruin everything.  With holidays being such a significant expense, we want to get the most enjoyment…

4 Top Tips For Recovering From Sporting Injuries

Leading an active lifestyle has loads of great benefits. If you are someone who goes out and lives life to the fullest, you’ll no doubt get lots of exercise and fresh air. You probably have quite an active social circle, as filling your life with activities puts you into contact with all manner of interesting people. Keeping active does wonders for your mental health, too, with a direct reduction in stress through regular exercise. 
But what happens when you can’t do this anymore? Having a sporting injury can leave you feeling demoralised, useless, and disconnected. Avoiding hitting a low point can be hard work, and there are a few things that you can do to prevent this from happening.