Writing Prompt #19

Today’s prompts are here! Use them however you please, just be sure and tag this post when you use it! He used to bet on pantomime horses I want to be better than a monkey The picture could also be used too if you like! Good luck and enjoy the writing!

Submissions- We Need You!

The Finest Example needs your help! We need POETRY We need FICTION of all lengths! We need ART And we need Non Fiction articles about anything else! If you have a piece that you’d like to submit, we’re happy to receive it. The new email address for submissions is : TFEsubmissions@hotmail.com

Writing Prompt #18

Today’s writing prompts, use them wisely. Create poems, stories, essays, songs, or anything you like. Don’t forget to link back to this post. 1. Buy me another beer and I will tell you why I did it. 2. Small things have the biggest effects. Or, use the picture

How To Survive World War III

Originally posted on Little Old Lady Comedy:
As Trump tries to distract us from his impending impeachment proceedings by assassinating some guy and sparking World War III, it’s time to dust off the old Anderson Shelter, don the gas mask and hold tight for six years. Here is the ultimate guide to surviving the impending…

6 Top Tips For Becoming Vegan

Veganism is on the rise. With many people wanting to switch to a meat-free plant-based diet for environmental reasons, many big companies have started to wake up to the demand. There has never been such a great time to go vegan. Supermarkets and restaurants have really upped their game in the last couple of years and have started to offer a much better range for vegans.

'The Finest Example' Is Live

The Finest Example is officially live. Please give it a visit, and if you like what you see, please follow and share any of the work. I’d love to build a community where writers and artists can contribute and give each other a leg up, so it would mean a lot if any of you that regularly pop in could help the site and the early contributors out with your support.

Flashback Friday #6- The Bookshop

Around 18 months ago, I started writing about this character, but I never actually found out his name. He ran a bookshop that he had inherited. He is probably autistic, and has tenancies toward being a savant.

Writing Collaboration #16- Passing By

She saw him. She hadn’t been expecting it. He was walking along the street, hands in his coat pockets, face turned up to the bright autumn sun. He looked happy. Happier than anyone should look. Happier than anyone had a right to in this world.

Writing Prompt #17

Happy new year! Here are your first writing prompts for the new year. Link this post if you take any of these up so others can have a go, and so I can see your pieces. Write anything you like. A monologue, a flash fiction piece, a song, a letter, a poem, or invent a…