Writing Prompt #15

Today’s creative writing prompts are…. 1. The dogs of war have just been fed. 2. Yellow. Or, use the picture! Link this post in anything that you write, as always I look forward to seeing your responses!

Writing Prompt #14

1. Did I ever tell you about my pet kangaroo?
2. My mind was completely empty and then it struck me.

Writing Prompt #10

I am a funk addict. Let me tell you about my dealer…

This is not a confession

Writing Prompt #9

The solution to Brexit is…
The Beatles could have been so much better if…

Writing Prompt #7

I watched the dawning of creation, and frankly it was…
I can remember everything in the most precise details. But I can’t remember what she looked like.

Writing Prompt #4

Fortune Favours The….
“I told you, he was already dead when I met him”

Writing Prompt #3

“It wasn’t me!” I said, although it was a lie.
Where was Wendy when we were water-skiing?

Writing Prompt #1

1.The warning bell sounds. The last day for humankind on earth is finally here.
2.You don’t fool me. I made you.