How Do You like To Write?

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Here is the notebook I am currently using for my work in progress. As you can see, it gets quite jumbled up. I tend to write as quickly as possible, because thoughts literally escape my mind as fast as they enter. Sometimes this means that what I have written becomes illegible. I’ll type up the notes at a later date, usually using Google docs (or Celtx for scripts). I very often can’t decipher my own handwriting, however it can lead to some interesting modifications during the translation process.

I earn the majority of my income as a copywriter, for that job I am joined to laptop keyboard, often writing several thousand words each day. As such, I find that the freedom of writing by hand can give a renewed sense of creativity.

I tend to start a new notebook for each project. This one is a Peter Pan Moleskin

I’d love to hear about what you all write on. Are you purely digital, or do you have a favourite notebook?



12 thoughts on “How Do You like To Write?

  1. Constantly. Obsessively. Driven by an irrational fear that I’ll die before I say everything I want to say, and that’s a fairly recent development. I mostly write digitally, but if the power’s out or my charge is low I’ll revert back to a notebook. I feel like I’ve wasted my day if I don’t crank something out, whether it be part of a WIP or just a random short story.

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  2. I do both. I have a note book that I jot down ideas, odd phrases, an almost forgotten quotation….only to look at my spider scrawl later trying to decipher what I’ve written. So if I have my laptop handy I prefer to get the ideas typed into my drafts on WordPress. At least I can easily read them later that way. Oh, and thank you for liking my latest attempt at poetry. Much appreciated.

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  3. I love doing both. I tend to have moods and will switch. I find that it’s easier to type because the rate of thinking/words appearing can feel seamless. But writing by hand can be quite therapeutic and sometimes it’ll lean towards stream of consciousness. Digitally I think I tend to be more structured. I love the quote on your notebook btw.

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