DAY 28 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

A few people wanted to know more about day 19’s writing challenge so, here is more from the world of the ever creepy kidnapper; David. 

I’ve only got two more days left to go. Let me know if you have an exciting request for me to fulfill! 

Calmly, Claire closed the cover. Chapter-after-chapter of choice violence haunted her without a scar. Psychological thrillers read in the dim basement under David Morris’ house was not how she ever envisaged spending her life. But, as if by some bizarre version of Stockholm syndrome she specifically suggested psychopathic-sonnets to be brought to her daily. David always obliged as if to keep her happy. Yet happiness for her would be seeing the sky and feeling the rain. 

Sometimes she would ask him to read to her. Her eyes not so good after all of these years. The ever-amiable Mr. Morris would always do as she suggested. This twisted situation should have ended years ago. For a long time after the very first day, she feared him. But as time wore holes in the souls of her socks, she realized that it was never meant to be like this. This wasn’t meant to be a kidnapping. An unfortunate event conspired with both of their personalities to form an absurd narrative that trapped them both.

She could see that he was dying by the day. She could see the life seep from him and she wondered how the world would ever find her down here. Trapped. Alone. Plans floated fully formed in her mind but dissipated into the darkness. No ideas would stick and she would be stuck. 

She stored filings of metal from the edge of the bed frame. When the day arose that he did not visit on time, then she would swallow them all. Her plan was simple, short and sweet.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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