A Winter Englyn

An Englyn is a Welsh poetry form that is not too far removed from a Haiku. It consists of a few set things. The poem has a tight three line structure with seven syllables on each line, the last of which should rhyme of each line.

A cynghanedd (harmony) which consists of three elements. An internal rhyme (can be inside a word, not just at the end!) Alliteration (which does not have to be directly sat next to each other) and a combi-cynghanedd which includes the internal rhyme and alliteration.

I have started going to a writing group in my town, and this week we had a great poet in to teach us this traditional form which usually is in the Welsh language.

Here is my ‘Winter’ Englyn

Frost bites crisp and lights clip days

Through cosy sheets so soft we laze

Like buried bees wind winter stays

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