The Songs That Made Us #2 Brighton Rock- Queen

Let’s go way back to the first CD I ever bought. I was 13. It was 1993. I had just had my first CD hi-fi, a tower unit with record player, CD player, and double cassette deck. I was excited.

Most of the music I owned before this was on cassette with the exception of very small selection of records that included Brian Adams “Everything I do” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.

So, once I had my hi-fi, I needed a CD to play on it! I headed to Woolworth’s and bought my first CD! Queen’s- Sheer Heart Attack. I listened to it repeatedly (Obviously, since it was all I had!)

The first track on the album was always my favourite with the most epic guitar solo I had ever heard with a ping-pong sound coming from Brian May’s homemade guitar. Added to this, an extremely catchy chorus and fun and camp verses.

This is the live version from Live Killers which came out in 1979.

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