The Gutenberg Printing Press

The most viewed post on my blog in 2019! Part of a series. Go read them all if you missed them all the first time around and let me know if I should carry the series on next year!!

Peter Wyn Mosey

Credit Pixabay – License CC0

Here is another excerpt from a work in progress- I’d love some feedback on it to help me with developing the next stages. I have have quite a bit more in scribbled notebooks, but everything is at first draft stage, so lots could change. If you want to read the previous excerpts that I have posted they are Word Count, The King James Bible, Brave New World, and The Spoken Word

There have been over one hundred and thirty million books published in modern history. Every year that number grows by an average of two and a half million.

Patrick has taken me to La Tasca tonight. He doesn’t often come with me. I have to be there longer than twenty minutes when he comes with me. Patrick is not only a distraction to my work, he also distracts Enzo from his…

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