Submissions- We Need You!

The Finest Example needs your help!

We need POETRY

We need FICTION of all lengths!

We need ART

And we need Non Fiction articles about anything else!

If you have a piece that you’d like to submit, we’re happy to receive it. The new email address for submissions is :

7 Comments Add yours

  1. excerpts are fine. We’re ideally not posting previously published stuff- however it depends where and when it was published!

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  2. How about previously published stuff or excerpts?

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  3. I’d be very interested. Drop them to us in an email! 🙂


  4. I’m writing something fiction-ish under my alter ego… will send soon. Would you be interested in any eco articles?

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  5. That’s no problem. I look forward to having a look at it 🙂


  6. Sorry, I meant to submit something days ago and then caught bottlenecked by another project needing my attention. Will send something now!!

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