A Long Overdue (Long) Update

I’ve just changed the theme of my page for the third or forth time in a month. A productive waste of time! Each time I have changed the theme, I have thought ‘I should write some blog’, but I never have anything to say! So, I’ll just change the theme on the blog that no […]


Aka…The Conflicting Idea…. So, most of the way into the first draft of ‘Three Miles to the Horizon’ at the moment, not done much on it for a week or two , but I have had another idea pushed into my head (thanks Tim, it’s the biographer- he just won’t leave me alone!) now I’m […]

Three Miles to the Horizon

Here is an excerpt from my current work in progress, feel free to take the time to give me any feedback you may have on this. Thanks. Three Miles to the Horizon I am three miles from the horizon. There are 140 million square miles of ocean on this planet. Salt water covers 71% of the Earth’s […]

Spiral Jetty

I am currently half way through the first draft of ‘Three Miles to the Horizon’. Throughout the play, time and space seem to be big themes. Sharon, my wife, suggested today that I could maybe do some visual research (normally my research tends to involve lots of reading, googling, film and documentary watching, music listening […]

iLiKETRAiNS- The Deception

Again, I am looking at how the themes of the Donald Crowhurst story have been used previously. Here is a song from the band iLiKETRAiNS called The Deception, and its lyrics below… They said it couldn’t be done And so it seems I proved them all wrong In spite of them I have become The […]