Teignmouth Electron.

Teignmouth Electron by Tacita Dean
Teignmouth Electron by Tacita Dean

Taken in 1999, this is Donald Crowhurst’s Trimaran ‘Teignmouth Electron’ from Tacita Dean’s work -Disappearance at Sea

At 7:50am on 10th July 1969, Teignmouth Electron was found floating, empty,  in calm waters in the mid Atlantic in the shipping lanes between Europe and the Caribbean.  The life raft was still lashed in place, there was no evidence of bad weather – a soldering iron was still sat propped against a tin. There were two full log books, the last entry was written on the 23rd of June- ‘I will play this game when I choose I will resign the game 11 20 40 There is no reason for harmful’.  Crowhurst’s body was never found.

Teignmouth Electron was never transported  back to Britain, instead the trimaran was sold cheaply in auction in Jamaica and used for tours around Montego Bay. She was sold again to a Canadian diver Winston Mcdermott, who used her for diving trips around the Caymnan Islands. Believing  it to be haunted, Mcdermott hired a deck hand to sleep on the deck at nights.

Teignmouth Electron was badly damaged in a hurricane and  lies marooned on Cayman Brac.



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