DAY 24 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

My life has become an algorithm. A predictable spreadsheet of formulaic transactions that signify nothing. I code and I code and I help technology flourish. I drive the future, but not the present. Not my present. Zeros and ones are not heartbeats.

DAY 4 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

So I guess I’m on a precipice. I like that. A big goddamn word. Like plateau. How do you like that fanciness?

Speed Reading

The world record for most words read per minute was set by Stephen Berg and stands at twenty-five thousand words per minute.

The Gutenberg Printing Press

There have been over one hundred and thirty million books published in modern history. Every year that number grows by an average of two and a half million.

The King James Bible

The King James bible has seven hundred and sixty-three thousand, one hundred and thirty-seven words. Between March the fourth two thousand and two and March the fifth two thousand and two, I read for forty one hours and twenty three minutes. No sleep. No food. I used the toilet twice.

Sky Edge- Progress

On Saturday, I was fortunate to have the opening on the first draft of my current project read by a great bunch of actors. It was great to hear the characters I have spent the past few months imagining, coming to life. In my last blog post, I was talking about the issues I had…

A View From the Edge

These photos are taken from Sky Edge, a small grassy area which overlooks Sheffield. I drove up there for the first time on Sunday. I lived in Sheffield for 5 years, and had never been up there. The view is pretty impressive… I didn’t just go up for the view though… In the 1920s, Sky…

A Long Overdue (Long) Update

I’ve just changed the theme of my page for the third or forth time in a month. A productive waste of time! Each time I have changed the theme, I have thought ‘I should write some blog’, but I never have anything to say! So, I’ll just change the theme on the blog that no…

Tom and Laura Get Engaged

Tom and Laura Get Engaged Screenplay for a short film It is a perfect day for Tom and Laura, a romantic picnic on the beach proves a great opportunity for Tom to pop the question. Laura is bound to say ‘yes!’. Though, the contents of a seemingly innocent black bin bag proves to be the…