Tom and Laura Get Engaged

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Tom and Laura Get Engaged

Screenplay for a short film

It is a perfect day for Tom and Laura, a romantic picnic on the beach proves a great opportunity for Tom to pop the question. Laura is bound to say ‘yes!’. Though, the contents of a seemingly innocent black bin bag proves to be the greatest test of their relationship.

The photos above were taken at Three Cliff’s Bay in the Gower last week, and form the inspiration for the screenplay for ‘Tom and Laura Get Engaged’.

I had already come up with a rough idea for a piece in which a  young couple’s world is turned upside down whilst on a romantic picnic, spending time getting to know a location helped to solidify the story in my mind, I could imagine the location, it also helped to understand the theme of the piece.

The first draft took me about 2 hours…now to cut down the dialogue and tweak away at the second draft.

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