Writing Prompt #19

Today’s prompts are here! Use them however you please, just be sure and tag this post when you use it! He used to bet on pantomime horses I want to be better than a monkey The picture could also be used too if you like! Good luck and enjoy the writing!

Writing Prompt #17

Happy new year! Here are your first writing prompts for the new year. Link this post if you take any of these up so others can have a go, and so I can see your pieces. Write anything you like. A monologue, a flash fiction piece, a song, a letter, a poem, or invent a…

Writing Prompt #16

1. Ho, Ho, Fucking Ho!
2. These are not my reindeer.
3. All I wanted for Christmas was global destruction and you bought me an Alexa.

Writing Prompt #15

Today’s creative writing prompts are…. 1. The dogs of war have just been fed. 2. Yellow. Or, use the picture! Link this post in anything that you write, as always I look forward to seeing your responses!

Writing Prompt #14

1. Did I ever tell you about my pet kangaroo?
2. My mind was completely empty and then it struck me.

Writing Prompt #12

This was literally the worst thing that ever happened to me…

Your eyes.

Writing Prompt #11

The touch of her…
Santa woke with a panic, it was three days before Christmas and those bastard elves had shaved his beard off in his sleep.

Writing Prompt #10

I am a funk addict. Let me tell you about my dealer…

This is not a confession

Writing Prompt #9

The solution to Brexit is…
The Beatles could have been so much better if…