Writing Prompt #16

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last writing prompt, in fact nearly a month! Shocking how I have neglected by blog over the last few weeks while I have been busy with work and life. Here are some festive prompts for you all to devour. As always, write what you want. A poem, a novel, a song, a haiku, a letter to the pope, a shopping list, a play, just let your creativity go wild. Then, share it with the world and remember to tag this post so I get to see it (and so that others can have a go at the prompts too!)

  1. Ho, Ho, Fucking Ho!
  2. These are not my reindeer.
  3. All I wanted for Christmas was global destruction and you bought me an Alexa.

Or, use the image taken of the Oxfam window in Carmarthen.

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  1. I know. They’re both great!

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  2. Ah great!!
    I’m chuffed you found it! 😁
    Just a shame it wasn’t longer. I could have listened to them talk for hours…. 🖤

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  3. Oh and cheers for the heads up about the Nicky Wire interview on Adam Buxton. I really enjoyed it 🙂

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  4. Jeff says:

    These are great (especially the picture!)

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  5. You know me well, my friend 😁🖤

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  6. I look forward to it. I already suspect I know which you’ll pick 🙂

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  7. I don’t normally use prompts – but I’m going to try to work one of these in somewhere over the next few days. I’ll leave it to you to guess which one… 😉🖤

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