Writing Collab #11 – Rewinding

As we teeter; Jenga-like totems of our former selves; reminders flood cauterised caches. Photocopies of what we were, what I was, what this was.

Writing Prompt #7

I watched the dawning of creation, and frankly it was…
I can remember everything in the most precise details. But I can’t remember what she looked like.

Writing Prompt #6

Did David definitely dance down Devon, dear?
If you don’t do this, I will…

Writing Prompt #5

“I can fix the world with one bullet, here’s how…”
You put the lime in the coconut…

Writing Prompt #4

Fortune Favours The….
“I told you, he was already dead when I met him”

Writing Prompt #3

“It wasn’t me!” I said, although it was a lie.
Where was Wendy when we were water-skiing?

Writing Prompt #2

1.The brick forest was crumbling before their very eyes…
2.Tennessee told Terry to totally tear the thing…

DAY 26 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

There we were; I didn’t know what to make. I was at arm’s length and so were you. We both played a game of distance. Separated by awkwardness but united by a desire to connect but not attach.

DAY 25 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

The warning bell sounds. The last day for humankind on earth is finally here. And as the alarming scream of a dying planet intensifies, smothering the groans of those who would greedily scoff in the face of reason; no lessons will ever be learnt. If we had the chance we’d do it all again.