DAY 15- 30 Day Writing Challenge

For today’s challenge: eloisedesousa asked me “how to cope with retirement”. I’ve recently turned forty, so it might be a very long time until I do get to retire, but,  I can have a bash!

I need your help! I have another 15 days left to go on this challenge. Please comment with any suggestions that you have for challenges on here. You could also tweet me @peterwynmosey or follow my Facebook 

Mixed emotions flank the end of an illustrious career. Hard toil giving way to empty days.  The rush of the nine-to-five now leaving space for brunch and afternoon tea. Sad that it’s over. Crosswords and canal walks take over clock-ins and career work. Glad that it’s started. Peace at last.

Gaining spare hours as time marches on. Longer days gather moss as life grows shorter. A silent void to be filled with hobbies, cups of tea, and countdown. Socializing in slowly shrinking circles. Leisurely spins never bored cruising fjords. Seeing the world as the sun goes down. 

There are things that may not be missed; early morning alarms. Office politics. The never-ending workload. Never catching up. The overtime and underpay. The youngblood teaching old dogs new tricks; the place was never the same. Watching progress bring decline. Recessions and regressions. The fears of the times. The changing of the guard. Payslips as pay slips, sliding lower in relative terms. Clocking out one last time. 

Productivity now means seeds sewn early. This season’s first bud. First ripe fruit. First in Tesco on a Monday morning. No early alarms. Just a well-tuned well-wound body clock. Clocking-on. Ticking-on. Last of the gang. Last of the summer wine. In the warm autumn glow of annuity returns.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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