The 30 Day Writing Challenge- A Review

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So, it took more than 30 days as some days were missed, but I managed 30 days and had some lovely feedback from many of the entries. Thank you to everyone who liked, commented, or even shared any of my pieces. If you missed any, go check them all out now! Some are thirty second reads! Now that they are all done, let me know which your favourites were!

For the most part, all of my prompts were assigned to me. There were a couple of days in which I didn’t have any prompts so took my inspiration from a couple of blogs which regularly check out- I’m looking at your Brian Legeose and Tinkrr – I am a big fan of the fact that you share back inspiration for other writers! It has inspired me to want to do the same. As someone who has always really struggled to get the muse to descend to my level, having prompts is massive help! People who check in on my site regularly may have noticed that I have started posting writing prompts twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays. There have been a couple of these that I know have been taken up- my favourite so far must be Chris Hewitt’s amazing effort! If you use any, share them back to me because I love seeing where you go with them!

In my day-to-day life I write numerous articles for various blogs and websites for a living. These are very often business, technology, or lifestyle related and I often write several thousand words a day. There can be a bit of a potential for creative burnout involved, especially when the subject matter gets repetitive. Completing these daily challenges has been a great opportunity to sharpen my pencil and add a bit of colour into my writing. I have often found that by breaking up my writing day with one of these challenges means that the content that I go on to create after that flows better and is more enjoyable to read. These challenges have helped me professionally, as well as creatively.

I’ve been writing now in one form or another for over twenty years, this started out with songwriting for a band that I was in and then moved onto writing plays. I have had a number of these scripts brought to life, and I have also performed by own work at the Edinburgh Fringe. I have a masters degree in Scriptwriting. For the last six months my main source of income has been my writing. Yet despite all of these things, I have always lacked the confidence to share my writing. I have stacks of notebooks, and folders full of work that has never seen the light of the day because I am far too critical of my own writing to share it a lot of the time. Having people give me some amazing feedback to some of these challenges has really helped build up my confidence- so I would like to offer up my genuine thanks to anyone who has supported me.

This writing challenge has now morphed into a writing collaboration challenge. You may have already read the first few entries. I am also stunned at the response I have had for these. I currently have a large number of emails with work to go up. These range from poems of just a few words, through to chapters from high concept novels, and even a memoir excerpt. Many of these are really going to push me in my writing and I hope that I do justice to the amazing writers who have already got in touch. I am aiming to post two a week of these. Please drop me an email if you want to get involved as I will be running this indefinitely.

For anyone who is ever struggling to find the motivation or inspiration to write, I thoroughly recommend setting yourself a similar challenge to this. I know that it is something that I would like to do again in the not too distant future. I am thoroughly tempted by the prospect of writing 50,000 words over the course of November and being part of the NaNoWriMo challenge, but at the moment my writing for work can be circa 120,000 words a month I worry that much more time spent at the laptop will make me slightly more odd than I already am. Good luck to everyone who is doing it this time around, and maybe I will join your ranks next year.

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15 Comments Add yours

  1. Good luck with your challenge 🙂


  2. Thank you for this! I am also working on a 30 day challenge is this more than 30 days! Womp. I just keep writing an hope to reach thirty some day.

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  3. Bulbul says:

    Thank you so much! I definitely need some luck. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Eek exam season! All the best luck in the world with that 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Bulbul says:

    That’s so thoughtful of you. I am honored. Looking forward to reading more from you too. 🙂 I will definitely try it once the exam season is over, thanks for the support.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Do it! I should also try and bump your collab up my to-do list too since it is halloween related! (I have a couple that will suit the spooky season! I’m looking forward to reading more of your work in future 🙂

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  7. I tend to read posts through similar searches rather than following them. I won’t comment unless I have something meaningful to add either. But I tend to like things a lot, especially if I want the writer of the post to know that I think they should keep it up, I’m starting to follow more blogs now though, but then I have to remind myself to go and check on everyone I am following through the wordpress reader. When someone crops up on my radar I will go through phases of checking in on their site and binging several posts at once though, and then maybe not see anything of them for a week and find that I have missed lots of great posts. But I get what you’re saying about not reading them. I often get a bunch of likes in rapid sucession and you will watch them appear in your notfications and wonder how they are going through your content that quickly 😀

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  8. Bulbul says:

    Thanks for sharing the details. This gave me some great insights as I have recently started writing (actively). I look forward to try 30 Day challenge in future.

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  9. tnkerr says:

    Thanks Mr Mosey. Keep it up. You’re doing good stuff here.

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  10. ceponatia says:

    Yeah I am one of the few people who actually reads the blogs he follows even if I don’t always comment, lol. I don’t understand why some of my followers just like 10 of my posts in a row, clearly not reading them. If they don’t want to read it, don’t follow. Haha.

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  11. Cheers. I will do 🙂 Thanks for all your likes and comments on my pieces! It’s always to see the same people checking in regularly : )

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  12. ceponatia says:

    Oh yes, I remember reading some of this! The guy who loves counting lol. I think you should definitely keep going with it, it’s quite good.

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  13. More collaboration, yes! There was also a series that I started working on about a year ago which I have shared excerpts of that I want to get back into working on as it seems to have slipped to the back burner . I need to collate them all into an order and link them on the top of my site – but if you haven’t checked them out before you this was the last entry and the previous instalments are all linked at the start. I think I’d like to flesh that world out a bit more and maybe try and develop it into a novel form if I can work out where to take the story!

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  14. ceponatia says:

    Interesting to know more of your backstory! I started following you at the beginning of your writing challenge and thus didn’t know anything about you. Congratulations on finishing, what’s in store for November? 😉 More collaboration?


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