Writing Collab #10- Hashtag Your Best Life

Today’s Writing Collaboration Challenge comes from MultipleMichael. If you would like to take part in future, drop me an email

zip codes and a brief bio? 

on page 27, sexual gratification?

villagers are outside drinking homemade root beer

they have traveled many miles from the Northern


it is hot and humid here in Southern Florida

years ago, one could not go outside for the bugs

now there are no bugs

what few birds that remain

hop around on deformed legs

in parking lots

looking for scraps 

from parking lot picnics

tourists are too smart to dine in restaurants 

the kitchen help are prisoners on work release

the food is purchased in bulk from bootleg sources

death may bring resurrection

dt just seems painful

(you could ask Robin Williams) 


If truth took off its gas mask

Would you even recognize it?

Fast judgments are timed 

Two minutes on each side

Keeping the customer happy

With warmed-up paper-wrapped sentimentality 

The only place I saw a sunset 

Was on Instagram

No foxes in the moonlight

Just screens facing the void

Our one time world evaporates around us

And we document the spectacle 

But don’t turn down the heat

Apply facades and filters

Farm insecurities like penned up beasts

Brush it under the carpet with 

Curb appeal

Added value

Hashtag your best life 

Repeat to fade.

Image by Merja Partanen from Pixabay

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