Writing Collab #9 – Black-Breasted Quails and Rhesus Monkeys

Today’s Writing Collaboration Challenge comes from Dr. Bob Rich. If you would like to take part in future, drop me an email

The black-breasted quail is a liberated girl.

She lays all her eggs in a social whirl.

But the long, slow job of hatching, and the bother of chick-raising

she leaves to all her boyfriends. Isn’t it amazing?

Dr. Bob Rich runs the popular blog, Bobbing Around https://bobrich18.wordpress.com It can be inspiring, informative, challenging, annoying — but never boring. Bob has retired 5 times so far, from 5 different occupations, but is still going strong as a Professional Grandfather. Every human on this planet under 25 years of age qualifies as his grandchild. Everything he does, including his 18 books (5 of them award-winners), is working to create a survivable future for them, and one worth surviving in.

The Rhesus Monkey could teach us humanity

He’d rather starve than contend with the insanity 

Of feeding himself while shocking another, thus revealing empathy. 

Our wicked experiments uncover much more, namely our psychopathy. 

Image by Sandeep Handa from Pixabay

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    Pete, I’ve just posted this to my followers: https://wp.me/p3Xihq-1LJ
    It’ll also be announced in my newsletter, due 1st December.

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