Dreaming of Walls


a personal reality


opinion and emotion


Bought and paid for


Public opinion



Free speech


more valid

than my

free speech.

Forty-three likes.


twelve comments.

makes you right.

Behind your screen

dreaming of walls.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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  1. Absolutely on point. Facebook is a trigger for me too. I was honestly getting tired of my friends on the left constantly daily bringing attention to 45…even if you hate the man I don’t want to only hear about your hatred and then going to a friends post and engaging in dialogues where have opposing views and the vitriol being spewed. Ugh too much. Also don’t base fear on All people from other countries governments suck but not All people agree with their government. That what I love about WordPress its like World Press

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  2. I like that, walls for writing, expressing yourself. People have done that from the beginning of times, in the caves. Later we decorated our home-walls with paintings. But the best part of a wall is, imo, that you can also make a window in it and look each other in the eye. Thank you very much for your answer!

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  3. It was trumps wall that was springing to mind quite heavily. I just think that in the last few decades many parts of society have worked hard to break down walls. But then a minority of people who don’t want to try and understand people who do not look or sound like them get scared and want to build division. Until a few years ago I felt as though we were past that kind of mentality on the whole, but here we are. You write on my wall as much as you like! If there really must be a wall it should be written on! The Berlin wall and the walls that divided protestant and catholic northern ireland were some of the best examples of graffiti in the face of division!!!

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  4. Yes I really like it! It also makes me think about the symbolic meaning of walls, like Trumps’ wall, the Iron Curtain, the Chinese wall … walls with history.
    Now I need to stop commenting, otherwise I’ll write too much on your ‘wall of comments’.

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  5. I like, agree and write a comment! That’s no good after all. I wrote a post, well some, on social media and mental health. It came to my attention that ‘your view’ on the world, according to fb, is a wall! I enjoyed your poem.

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