Supporting Artiste

I don’t get my name in lights

Or even in the credits.

I was a player

In ten thousand stories

Syndicated franchises.

To repetitive sequels.

Some award winning

Stand-alone pieces.

Coveted /high-brow

Critically panned

These intertwined portmanteaus

Of faces in the street

These long forgotten remakes

That mesh connected lives.

I was there.

On equity rates.

The mise-en-scene


The supporting role.

These box office flops.

These Palme D’ors.

There, in other people’s denouements .

But never a star in my own.

Image by Robert Lischka from Pixabay

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  1. Yes. That’s spot. We’re all bit parts in lots of different stories.

    You have your own story arc, it just might not be as dramatic as others but it doesn’t make it any less valid.

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  2. If I’m understanding your poem right, I relate. I used to always feel like I was just a tag-along or accent to other people’s lives. I never really had my own story. That’s beginning to change but gods is it slow.

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