Automatic Writing #1

I reckon and beckon eternal feet for the foraging forensic firesides fanning the flames of several large giblets of fore. Fun, yes. But did you ask for the garden of Speedos to be torn down like Trevor’s face melting in dialectic squalor surrounded by small Londoners? ‘Hark not I’ they claimed in forests of languishing fairy-dust licked by the dogs of night. They cannot be named harbouring small boars behind the ears.

Yesterday I didn’t go stuff the roses in the planks of the small child’s bounty. There was not the goat for such a task. Not the stolen spiral for the everglades that rock the spines of tiny men with big stones.

But in the onward fireside weeping sessions we spoke of the need for more slime. Darcy was not there though her face was burned into the handle of my teacup. Sorry the words did not come before the last post but there will be a delivery of silence around this time tomorrow. Slow. Though your nose is not the only spoon that I use for my young yogurt.

Reckoned rules viewed the silent war zone with contempt and ice cream. Never going back to the school desk where I kept my secret thoughts and forsaken lampshades. Godly gore gravely-geared garden gnomes grounded. Then there was that day when I could not eat cheese anymore because the library was closed in the fire stalk. Silken stone the done buttress fried by toast and coal board vans backing onto the estuary where the end met the kind of Sunday that we have all be dreaming of.

Written in five minutes flat, this is the first attempt I have made at the lost art of automatic writing for about seventeen years!

Tell me what you think it all means!!!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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  1. Wow! that’s wonderful. All this is absolutely new to me.
    It surely is something which can only be inculcated through a lot of practice.
    It can be very rewarding as a writing therapy, especially for you as you tend to do a lot of writing per week, I suppose.

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  2. I have been finding it hard it equally as difficult to concentrate as to switch my brain off. I’m either too tired to think or I’m tired from overthinking !

    I find it very easy but it is something I used to practice years ago. I used to be very interested in surrealism and absurdism.

    I’m thinking of starting to do more of this as sort of a writing therapy. It might be another way of processing stuff that’s swimming in my subconscious

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  3. That makes sense as I could identify multiple thoughts present in the piece. It definitely is something interesting and seems like a tough task to accomplish. It could mean differently to different people though.
    As for being the stoned part, I was only kidding. Because I, personally, find it very extremely difficult to switch off my brain even when I’m sleeping. I myself am not a fan of smoking/drinking.

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  4. There was no getting stoned. It’s never something I’ve liked to do. I’m not even mad on the feeling of being drunk.

    Automatic writing is about just letting the words flow out of you without concentrating. It’s about using your subconscious.

    I’ve been finding that because I’m writing so much content stuffthat I’ve been been on autopilot. When I read something back I will have added lines about completely different topics. I was just curious to see what would come out if I switched my brain off and let it happen.

    There’s probably some stuff that needs psychoanalysis there. What does it all mean?!


  5. Thanks for introducing me to ‘Automatic writing’, I didn’t know something like this existed. I cannot seem to get the point of it at all (seems like a good excuse to get stoned😂).

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