The Sun

A found poem – any words and opinions are certainly not my own- they are in fact the views of the fine and upstanding readers of The Sun newspaper in the UK in response to the existence of Jeremy Corbyn

The reason most ppl

voted to leave the eu

is because we became

flooded with migrants.

The bloke is a complete

and utter knob

he needs assassinated…

job done !!

This man has just signed

his own death warrant

More parasites

for the working man to look after…


One of the smallest countries

and this Moran wants to bring more people in!

What an absolute noddy!!!!

Put me in charge

I’ll sort this country out

We all already full you muppet

I am proud to be British

but Britain is not British

Hitmans a good game

We can’t afford

to keep letting people in

we’re only an island

Image by José Manuel de Laá from Pixabay

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