I’m A Celebrity, Get Me…

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It seems to be award season on here recently, with nominations flying around left-right-and-centre! On the site, Celebrity Platform; Nigerian poet and blogger, Jerry Peri (with whom I collaborated) has nominated me for celebration on his site.

So, the way that it works is that you can go and vote for me (or either of the other nominees!) The person who receives the most votes gets to be a celebrity for the week!

Whether I deserve such prestige, who knows…? but, one thing is true- this is the only real voting that anyone should be doing right now…

F#ck I’m A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here

F#ck Strictly Come Dancing

F#ck X Factor

F#ck the UK General Election***

Go vote on the Celebrity Platform!

*** It is vital that you go out and vote in the UK election if you are eligible to do so. People fought hard for equality in the voting system. Although the fact that politics has become a pantomime in the UK over the last three years since the EU Referendum, it is important to go and vote. But please- vote for things that will really make a difference- like the idea of us having a government that is not stuck in an absurd deadlock over something that nobody understands- while we let our once great health service slide into the Atlantic Ocean. (Political rant over)

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

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