Flashback Friday #4- The Mime Artist

Sharing an old short story this week which is based on a job that I had about 18 years ago! I once spent an entire summer miming keyboards for a cabaret band that I had previously worked as a roadie for. It ranks in the top ten strangest ways that I have ever made money!

Peter Wyn Mosey

I had been given the keys. I couldn’t play the keys, but I had been given the keys.

“How about the bass?” I asked. “I can play the bass”

“It messes with the symmetry” they said.

One left handed, stage left, One right handed, stage right.

I got given the keys.

“Okay” I said. “I guess I know the basics”.

“No need” they told me. “You just need to look the part!”

“I can play a bit though…”

“No need”.

Get a suit. Get style. Got a suit. Look the part.

“Practice in front of a mirror” they said.

“Practice what?”

“Looking the part”.

I’d been the backbone. The lugger. The roadie. The get up and get in guy. But three months in one room would mean a lot of time off for me. That and they’d gone for a job as a four-piece, and by my counting there was…

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