Flashback Friday#1- Three Miles To The Horizon

I, the cosmic mind have explored the labyrinths of the sea.
I have counted and measured the waves and explored the depths.
I have counted the grains of sand on the shores of the time.
I am the quantifier of all human life.

Now That’s What I Call Politics! A 2019 Election Mixtape

For those suffering from the electoral blues and those who want to eradicate a different kind of blue from the houses of parliament, here is the definitive UK election playlist to warm the hearts of those who are bored to tears by the whole millennia-spanning saga.

Writing Collab #5 – The Headless Horseman

I, nightmares sad knight am no beast. I am not terror for you to scream yourself to sleep after seeing. So why then do people lose their heads in panic at the sight of me?

DAY 30- 30 Day Writing Challenge

‘By George, I have it’ cried Henry as he took a mouthful of the strange meaty concoction that had been stewing for the last fourteen hours on Kevin’s stove.