Writing Collab #7 – Dreams of Sanity

Today’s Writing Collaboration comes courtesy of Angela Castillo, If you’d like to take part in any future collaborations please see this post and drop me an email. 

Dreams of Sanity

Words escape me

Diction tongue-twisted in the taffy

Of malleable cranial wrinkles

Curled and tied in the colors 

Of delusion and surreal illusions

Of insanity. 

Trees melt into frosted handkerchiefs

Of neon beads, flowing in the ocean of

Diamond rain.

Ghost roses giggle and sigh

Like silk veils of transparent butterflies. 

I’ve lost my shoe, and the cold sparkles

Of nighttime dew on the grass 

Make my feet feel like powdered

Christmas donuts.  

I build a fire from the crystal bones

Of past fears, 

warming the chill of my solitude.

Angela Castillo is a blog writer, aspiring poet and artist, and aspiring fiction writer.She has a passion for Mental Health, and her blog is centered around her attempts to use art and writing to cope with Borderline Personality Disorder.  You can visit her site to read more at https://chibininja.blog/

When the fogged fuzz evaporates

And dams halt the dry and silent tears.

When lost days are returned unharmed

And clarity details its inner shame. 

This is when I will wake. 

Not staring down sleeps carnal writhings

As bodies swam looking for sparks

Nor dulling synapses repeatedly 

As stimulation bores to the bone. 

This is when I will come alive

I want dancing shoes 

The controlled embrace that knows desire

I want standing ovations 

The pleasure of an adulated audience

This all exists somewhere in the gap 

Between how I feel

and I how I think I feel.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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  1. “This all exists somewhere in the gap between how I feel and how I think I feel”
    I love this response.

    Liked by 1 person

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