Flashback Friday #5- If You Can't Be Nice, Shop Online or Risk the Downfall of Society | Robot Butt

This was the first piece of writing that I had published somewhere other than my on own blog that had a byline. I probably write in excess of 50 articles in my work, none of which I get to take credit for. So, it was nice to submit something somewhere and have my name next to it. I’m keen to get my name out there more next to my work and in the new year I want to make it one of my goals to build up my published works.

This piece was written as I said goodbye to retail management after a long career in various different companies. This is my first ever Christmas outside of a customer service role, and it’s strange. Maybe I miss the customers sometimes, even if there were a lot of rude ones!

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  1. Of course! 🙂 I’m not sure how I feel about tech anymore. I suppose it’s all in the way it’s used? Some people probably didn’t have much humanity to begin with.


  2. Thanks for taking the time to click through and read the article. It means a lot 🙂 technology makes life easier but is it taking away the humanity in everything we do?

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  3. Good article to have your name attached to 🙂 The way things are heading, I’m afraid the future is going to be nothing but rich people interacting with robots while the rest of us huddle in burnt out retail stores, reminiscing about the world that was.

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