Christmas Writing Challenge #10

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The Christmas Cowboy

Christmas was over. For good this time. Nobody believed in Santa anymore and all of the festive spirit in the world had been replaced with corporate greed. Santa got so disheartened with humanity on his latest round of present giving, he ended up stopped in his tracks.

Alone in a McDonald’s in early hours of the morning on Christmas Day, Santa’s crisis deepens as he stares blankly down the end of a cheese burger. He knew he would never be able to get back to the North Pole.

In torn red robes, Santa ends up sleeping rough but he soon makes an unlikely friend in a pimp with a limp, Rizzle, who offers Santa some easy work. But will Santa ever bring as much joy to the world by turning tricks as he did by delivering presents to all of the children in the world? And will Santa ever come to realise that Rizzle is exploiting him just like the global conglomerates did when he was the face of Christmas?

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  1. A sad tale indeed for Santa while Mrs. Claus waits at home, never knowing wherefore Santa did roam. So she hugs his extra red suit. What a hoot! That ends in tears of love …


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