Flashback Friday #6- The Bookshop

Around 18 months ago, I started writing about this character, but I never actually found out his name. He ran a bookshop that he had inherited. He is probably autistic, and has tenancies toward being a savant.

All I ever knew about his world is that he lived a very regimented routine. He is fixated with numbers and patterns. The books in his store were sorted by the word count. He had a brother that checked in on him, and he kept to a very specific schedule and would become agitated if there were blips in his day.

He was going to meet someone that took enough of an interest in him that his routine would be disturbed somewhat, and he would end up leaving his comfort zone and finding something he had never experienced in human contact.

You can read an introduction to this world here. Start at the bottom and work up!

I’d love to get some more feedback as to where you would like to see this story going. Places or scenarios you could envisage testing the character and his new found friendship. Or just general suggestions on what I should do with the work.

I do have a few more excerpts already written which I have never gotten around to posting up.

The links to all of the individual pieces are here:

Word CountThe King James BibleBrave New WorldThe Spoken Word,  The Gutenberg Printing Press ,  Speed Reading , Brave New World Revisited

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  1. I smiled at the word count at the end. Though with your vss365 you’ll no doubt be used to keeping count!

    Some interesting suggestions there. I’d love to see him up against someone who works rigidly to a different number system!

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  2. Chris Hewitt says:

    As you know I love this whole concept. Some random ideas, but I’m sure you’ll have far better. I’d love to know his thoughts on those pesky restless books – e.g. the OED, with its quarterly updates. Or a problem at the store? Maybe a flood, might lead to an interesting conversation with a kindred spirit /loss adjuster (someone else who puts a numeric value to objects). So many possible scenarios with such a clever character/idea. (76 words)

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  3. Thank you! That’s a huge compliment! And thank you for taking the time to read it!


  4. Violet Lentz says:

    You don’t need any suggestions from me, you are doing a fine job creating this character with out any of my input! Keep writing him!

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