Writing Prompt #6

Did David definitely dance down Devon, dear?
If you don’t do this, I will…

Writing Prompt #5

“I can fix the world with one bullet, here’s how…”
You put the lime in the coconut…

Writing Prompt #4

Fortune Favours The….
“I told you, he was already dead when I met him”

Writing Prompt #1

1.The warning bell sounds. The last day for humankind on earth is finally here.
2.You don’t fool me. I made you.

DAY 20 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

But you are like a bolt out of the blue. The sparkle on the edge of a star. Everything has meaning and everything is full. Not just half full. No short measured optimism. The glass is full.

Brave New World Revisited

‘Fifty percent of all books have more words than Brave New World and fifty percent have less. It is a very good book’

DAY 2 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

Today’s challenge comes from Chris Hewitt who challenged me to write about what my dog Pablo was thinking. My wife and I got Pablo about eight weeks ago. He came from a rescue centre. He’s a two year old pug/ border terrier cross. He’s a lovely boy who is very affectionate, and extremely sociable. He’s…

DAY 1- 30 Day Writing Challenge

Each wave crashed a beat matching the throbbing pulse that he would seek to cease. Each ebb taking away nothing, and leaving him with burden.