DAY 2 – 30 Day Writing Challenge

Today’s challenge comes from Chris Hewitt who challenged me to write about what my dog Pablo was thinking.

My wife and I got Pablo about eight weeks ago. He came from a rescue centre. He’s a two year old pug/ border terrier cross. He’s a lovely boy who is very affectionate, and extremely sociable. He’s learnt so much in the short time we’ve had him. He gets sad when he’s left alone.

Pablo’s Instagram

Am it..where is. how do I…where do I… is this right? am I doing it right? Is it now? Where are we going? Am I… Do you love me?  Is it now? Is that for me? Where do I go? Where are we going? Is it now? Where I… can… when…how…Are you coming back? Are you coming…Are you…Are…

Who was that? Where did they go? What happens next? Can I…Can you…Can we…Is there food? Where is that smell coming from? Why is that wet? Do I like this? Where can I…What am…Who…Wh..Whe…Where are going? Where are you? Where are… Where…

When do we…Are they mine? Can I eat it? When am I…Where are…Do I have to stay here? Is it time? Can I…Do you have to go? Do you have to…Do you have…Do you…Do…

One Comment Add yours

  1. Chris Hewitt says:

    Fantastic, that made me laugh. I’ve got a 16-month-old golden retriever and if you slowed that down by about a 1/3 I’m pretty sure it’s what he’s thinking all the time. Genius!


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